2017 AMPRA Championships Information Sheet

Dates:   June 10th and 11th, (The event may run into Monday 12th if insufficient heats are completed due to weather conditions).  Practice Friday 9th.

Field location: The event will be held at the Monarto model flying field, located West of town of Murray Bridge.  Google map reference, -35.116556  139.166407.  The field is on the "Old Princess Highway" against the Eastern boundary of the Monarto Zoo.

Competitors registration: It will be encouraged for competitors to pre register.  Contact person is the SAMPRA secretary, Shaun Jacobsen e-mail, dat_no1@hotmail.com

AMPRA membership fee $20
Administration fee $25
Fee for each class entered $25
Protest fee $50

Classes to be run: F3d, F5d, F400, and Q500.

Rules for each class: F3d, F5d, and Q500 are to be run under the international FAI rules.  Hollow wings in the Q500 class will be allowed as all states are now allowing them.
For F400 size aircraft, AMPRA F400 rules to apply (as shown on the AMPRA web site).

240v Power at the field:  There is a 240v generator at the field (no mains power available).  The generator will not be allowed to be used by the general campers.  It is anticipated that the generator will be running all day and will be turned off around 9pm.  A limited number of 240v outlets are located around the clubroom area.  The host club will be responsible for the generators use.  At this time it is thought that the sine wave produced by the generator may not be a pure sine wave and therefore not compatible with some chargers.  Other methods to charge batteries may have to be employed i.e. car batteries.  This is being looked into.

Camping:  Field gates are normally locked.  SAMPRA has arrange with the Monarto club for the gates to be unlocked Thursday night.  It is anticipated that SAMPRA personnel will be at the field the week before the event, so the gate should be open.  If competitors find the gate locked, a Monarto club committee member will have to be contacted, Trevor Gale, ph 0488519609.

The camping location is at the Northern end of the field past the toilet block, this is shown on the Monarto flying field map.

Toilet block and showers are available at the field.

A camping fee of $10/person/day will be charged to cover shower and generator fuel costs.

The field is serviced by mains water.

For further information or for attentive bookings contact SAMPRA secretary Shaun Jacobson, e-mail dat_no1@hotmail.com

Fire wood for campers: The host club will supply fire wood.  The scrub area alongside the road is council property with heavy fines if found collecting fire wood, I believe this is enforced by the council. 

  The host club "Monarto" will be catering lunch for Saturday and Sunday.  SAMPRA members will supply Breakfast Saturday and Sunday.  Competitors will have to supply their own tea.  A Saturday night get together with upmarket BBQ is planned. 
Catering on the practice day, Friday is not available. 
Coffee will be available throughout the day.
If possible pre register for the even as caterers would like to know approx numbers two weeks before the event.  The caterers would also like to know of any competitors dietary restrictions.

Accommodation:  Hotel/Motel accommodation is available in the nearby town of Murray Bridge.  Unfortunately the Sky Horse Racing event is being held at Murray Bridge on this weekend, so accommodation in the area may be in short supply.  Nearby towns at Tailem Bend and Mannum have limited accommodation.

General information: 
No restrictions on flying hours (24/7).

Climbing of fences in all directions is prohibited, a free range zoo on the fields western boundary (lion enclosure against field fence), train line at end of field, go-cart club and gun club the other side, red flags show when gun range is in use.
Please go to front entrance if wanting to recover a model from the gun club.
If aircraft end up in the Zoo area speak to the park personnel at the main entrance.