2017 AMPRA Championships Event Schedule

Thursday 8th:
Field open for practice on request (most likely to be open).
No catering.

Friday 8th:
Field open for practice.
Catering not available

Saturday 10th:
Early morning practice

8:00am  for late registration

Flying stops at 8:30am for pilots briefing.

9:00am flying starts for F5d rounds. To alow time for batteries to be changed and charge, F3d rounds will be flown in between F5d rounds.  This will depend on the number of F5d compeditors, and will be worked out closer to the event.

F400 and Q500 rounds to be flown in the afternoon.

Saturday night:
Get together and up market BBQ.  The field is available for night flying if people want.

Sunday 11th:
Practice flying stops at 8:30am for pilots briefing.
Flying starts 9:00am.  F5d and F3d rounds completed.

F400 and Q500 round to be completed.

Afternoon.   Presentations

Monday 12th:
Depending on if all rounds are completed (weather) Monday may be needed to finish the event.

AMPRA Champs 2017 entry.pdf


AMPRA info sheet.html  READ THIS!

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